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Is there anything funnier than…

watching a dog chasing his tail?

Yes, I am talking about an actual dog chasing his or her actual tail. No double entendre or hidden meaning here.

This is the best I could do!

I was just thinking about this today, the very thought of any dog spinning out of control, desperately trying to reach his tail will bring me to tears with laughter, every time. Every time!

Oh come on!! Don’t tell me it wouldn’t make you laugh to imagine the canine of your choice spinning like an overgrown hamster atop an old 45 record on some novelty size giant record player. Actually, if it was a giant record player, I guess I wouldnt need the hamster for this analogy. Lose that thought. Horrible idea. I apologize. Remember, new guy here.. I have zero followers and one person has liked my blog in the past week! How can I be sure anyone really reads this. Wait I got it. I could start writing embarrassing stories about all of my friends one at a time and see who finally approaches me and admits they are reading this.

Anyway, back to the spinning dogs!

I think the larger the dog, the funnier the chase of the tail appears. Imagine two large dogs spinning side by side, it would probably look like an out of control U.S. Army Chinook helicopter that just crashed through a Chinatown laundromat. Yeah, I have no idea what that means either. I am not really that good at this am I?

Or how about when a dog spins himself so fast during the chase, that when he stops, he can barely walk because of the self-induced dizzy spell. That’s worth double the laughs. At least for me anyway.

You know what would be really funny? If they introduced dog spinning at the Westminster Dog Show next year as a category. Yeah, I don’t know a thing about the Westminster Dog Show aside from the fact when it was on the USA Network in the 90’s it used to preempt Monday Night Raw but I still think that would be a great idea. “Oh here comes Princess Fanny, a championship pure breed with fine lineage. She has scored highly in every one of tonight’s categories, but she needs need to nail the tail spin chase to secure her spot in the finals for best in show.”

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t watch.