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So about 7 years ago… Ok, cut.. Why didnt I just start with “in 2005?”

Ok take 2.

In 2005, I had the great idea that I would start a blog and essentially talk about nothing, well keeping with my early 30’s-something ADHD-wannabe self, I was true to my word and did just that and wrote exactly…. drum roll please… one post. My introduction… Yup, and never got beyond that. I recently found the blog entry, and you know, I gotta say, it’s actually quite funny. A little dated, and no one under 30 will get the humor, but still funny to me anyway. Afterall, isnt that why I am here? To entertain myself?


If Genesis is a good enough opening for the Bible, its a good enough start for me. Great, already one sentence into this thought and I’ve already delving into age-old controversy that’s bound to piss off somebody. Come to think about it, embarrassing as it may sound, when I think of Genesis, the first thing I think of isnt the Bible. Yep, its Ricardo Montalban (is he still alive anyway? I really hope he is, I wrote this in 2005, or 7 years ago, whichever you prefer.) Anyway, the first image Genesis conjurs up for me is Montalban with that fake chest of muscles, chasing a rather portly William Shatner (played by James Kirk) around the Star Trek universe looking for the ever satisfying revenge kill. Of course, he never got it, but he did get to use the Genesis device. That computer simulated Genesis demonstration was pretty cool, remember it was even used in some stupid arcade game that gave you the impression that the film footage in the background was actually part of the graphics in the game, when in actuality, you only got to shoot at a few lousy computer targets on the screen and never interacted with the background. What a ripoff considering it was probably a 2 quarter game. Anyway, Montalban (played by Khan Noonian Singh) in that movie died a happy man, he set off the Genesis torpedo and for all he knew, he actually killed Shatner in the process. Of course he didnt, but he thought he did. So in a way, I suppose he actually won that battle.


Then again, you figured since he detonated the Genesis torpedo and actually created the Genesis planet, Shatner would have at least been kind enough to name the planet after Montalban. Come to think of it, Shatner didnt even name the planet after Leonard Nimoy (played by the narrator of “In Search of”), who as we all know, “died” saving Shatner’s fat-ass from the Genesis torpedo. Shatner in true go-bot fashion*, came up with the ever so original “Genesis Planet.” Maybe Shatner was mad that the producers didnt give him a fake chest full of muscles.

*Remember that cartoon from the 80’s, The Go-Bots? They gave the characters such creative names as Cy-Kill, yup a robot who transformed into a motorcycle, and Tank, a robot who literally just bent over and was supposed to resemble a Tank. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Oh here, just let me find a picture. ┬áSee, I told you, looks just like a Tank.